Our Services

  • International business development in finance and globalisation
  • Private equity, M&A advisory
  • Fund structuring, distribution and sales
  • Investment banking advisory to local companies and foreign investors in various forms of debt and equity
  • Representing foreign companies invested in Turkey at board advisory level.
  • Distressed debt
  • Pre-IPO structuring
  • Investor relations
  • Listings on foreign exchanges
  • Strong references have been established during the last 20 + years in each of the above services
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Cfs Private Equity Fund

  • Target size: min €100 million
  • Target return: 15-20% net to investors
  • Fund life: 8-year fund with 3-year investment period
  • Target number of transactions: 5-8 transactions
  • Target investment size: €5-15 million
  • Target company size: €15-100 million revenue
  • Target companies: Energy, manufacturing, B2B, consumer, export, financially challenged
  • Geographic focus: Turkey (primary) and selective opportunities in the Balkans
  • cfs Private Equity Fund aims to tap into this attractive market by making minority or majority preferred equity investments into established, export-oriented and operationally sound, privately-owned companies with the potential to become key regional players.
  • cfs Private Equity Fund will seek to take an active role in the companies it acquires through representation at Board level alongside existing owners and close co-operation with management.
  • cfs Private Equity Fund will seek to exit its investments within 3-5 years through a pre-agreed exit mechanism tailored to each of its investments. This could include through company dividends, a sale or IPO.

Listing at Foreign Stock Exchanges

Sinan Arslaner completed several listing projects during his professional life. Demirbank project was one of the most successful listings abroad. Ordinary shares, which were trading on Istanbul Stock Exchange, were dual listed on Munich Stock Exchange where number of investors reached 7.500.

Foreign listing projects continued at Cfs Consulting  and several companies were introduced into various foreign equity markets.

Nasdaq was first promoted in Turkey by Cfs Consulting for many years.

Several ADR and GDR programs were structured in the US Market.

Investor relations services has become an inevitable part of these listings.