Our Approach

Enabling impact investing and encouraging more renewable energy projects in the region is our mission.


  • We join advisory boards of companies exhibiting or willing to exhibit sound environmental, social and corporate governance practices to assist them in global business development, international growth, restructuring and corporate finance.


  • We act as strategic board advisors / executive committee members at these companies, assisting them in their investment banking needs, especially in the global markets.


  • We also represent foreign investors' equity stakes particularly in Turkey.


  • In the field of renewable energy project finance, we work hard with ambitious project developers in Europe to connect them with global debt and equity markets. In the end, transaction is action for a carbon- neutral future...





Our Story

Cfs Consulting Ltd was established in 1997, following the founder's 12 years of professional life in the investment banking industry at executive positions.

Cfs's early focus was listing local companies on foreign stock markets in the 1997-2004 period. During this period several Turkish companies were listed on various foreign stock markets, including Nasdaq, Frankfurt and Toronto.

2004 onwards our clients' needs shifted towards restructuring and turnaround issues. Major restructuring projects were completed in cooperation with global partners.

Beginning in 2008, fund structuring, management and sales became another major focus area. Funds that invested in the Turkish money and equity markets were inaugurated with long- established foreign business partners.

Helping local companies in international business development has always been a top priority for Cfs. International expansion projects were undertaken in the  Caribbean, Canada and EMEA Region.

In 2014, Responsible Investment assets under management by signatories of the UN principles reached USD 45 Trillion. 2014 became a milestone for Cfs as well. Cfs started assisting with the financing of renewable energy and waste management projects.

Since then, Cfs has never looked back. Renewable energy project finance and impact investing became the core business of Cfs.

Strategic board level advisory, restructuring, international expansion and sales were still major activities as long as the companies exhibited or were willing to exhibit sound environmental, social and corporate governance practices.

Cfs well appreciates that the power generation landscape is changing. With Europe pledging to reduce carbon emissions from power generation by 99% until 2050 and other continents following, installed renewable energy capacity has been increasing nearly by 10% every year in the last decade.

At Cfs, we agree with the rest of the world and have formed Turkey's first dedicated renewable energy finance team.







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